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Meet the Staff

  Mirriam   – Editor/Author/Artist

I am a seventeen-year-old daughter of the One King. I am striving to live a life for God and have been homeschooled my whole life.

My favorite word is Supercalifradulisticexpialidocious, and I’m prone to flights of fancy and walking with my head in the clouds.

I love laughing, writing, drawing, reading, music, animals, sunsets, trees, dusty old books, feather pens, wax seals, drippy candles, wind, snow, rain, cloudy skies – etcetera.

I am writing a book series called “The Elmeria Chronicles,” and am also an illustrator/artist. You can look at my art here – I love family and friends.

I don’t like heat, humidity, bossiness, being bored, most vegetables (my taste buds never grew up), cruelty, insensitivity, unoriginality – etcetera.

Credendo Vides (By believing, one sees),


 Heather  – Author/Artist

My name is Heather and I’m here to glorify God with my time, passions, and talents. I love learning about what God has to tell us, and God has been revealing more every day. There’s no way I can keep it to myself and so I’m excited to share it with you as I learn! I can’t wait to discover even more through this blog and through my fellow authors/photographers/artists/poets/etc.!

God has graciously blessed me with the gift of creativity and imagination. I love being an artist, and what I love even better is being an artist with a purpose! I also like to write, but I need to practice that a lot more J. My dream is to write and illustrate God-honoring novels and, God willing, publish these novels.

I’m super excited for this opportunity to share and learn with fellow women of Christ!

Hannah Nicole – Author/Photographer

I am an artist with many passions, including writing, photography, singing, and ballet. I dabble in poetry, design blogs in my spare time, and read and write voraciously — my bookshelf and boxes of notebooks under my bed can attest to that!

I have a heart for mission photography, stories, and connections between people. I love to watch lives intermingle, relationships build, and the Lord work through His people. Because of the Lord’s great mercy, I’m saved, redeemed, and loved — bought with the blood of Christ. Forever will I lift my voice in praise of my Savior; He alone is good!

I like words, clarity, the smell of wood, music, hot tea, quotes, Jane Austen, and simplicity. I blog over at Aspire about life, faith, and celebrating the little things. Would love to see you there!

~ Hannah

 Taylor  L. – Poet

 Grace M. – Author

 Taylor Beisler – Author

Taylor Beisler was born in Louisville, KY. A published author at a young age, she has written two YA Fantasy Fiction books, Arint Saratir: Warrior’s Light and Krintary Ne Clementios: the Clash of Worlds. Her web site is and her blog is

 Emily – Author/Photographer

 Amanda Bradburn – Author

Greetings and well-met!
My name is Amanda Bradburn and I’m a 19-year-old fantasy author. My Christian novel, The Keepers of Elenath, was released in the autumn of 2009, and I’m currently working on the rest of its series. I was home-schooled all the way through to college and I’m now attending a small baptist university in Indiana.
Helping and counseling people is my joy and passion.
Remember, when God’s got the right place in your life, everything will fall into place. He promises that!
Anyway, I”ll be popping in from time to time to lift spirits, make comments, and just generally chat. Lots of chat!!           You are very welcome to find me on Facebook, and my website is:


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